1. The course fees
  • 285€/individual teaching 7 x 30 minutes/day including orchestra and other ensembles.
  • 360€/individual teaching 7 x 45 minutes/day including orchestra and other ensembles.
  • You can also take lessons in Body training and stretching, Creative movement and Choir practice which are included in the course fee.
  • Extra lessons: 40€ 30 minutes, 50€ 45 minutes.
  • Family discount: -50€ for another family member or another subject (instrument). Choose in the registration form either point second instrument  discount or family member discount.

NOTICE! you can also take lessons as a so called commuter student. Commuter students can participate in all of the activities included in the course fee.

2. Participating in orchestra, but not taking lessons
  • 140€ for the orchestra with no individual teaching.
3. Keyboard accompaniment
  • 285€ 7 x 30 minutes.
4. Chamber music ensembles (e.g. trios and quintets)
  • 210€ 5 x 30 minutes, the fee will be divided between the players.
  • 265€ 5 x 45 minutes, the fee will be divided between the players.
5. Accommodation and full board prices

5.1 Savonlinna Christian Institute, Opistokatu 1
424€ / person (8 days) in a shared flat, which is the main type of accommodation.

The price includes bed sheets, breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, dinner and evening snacks. Single room accommodation is available with an extra fee of 30€/day; availability is restricted.

Accomodation with breakfast 37€/day.

All activities concerning the accommodation for the music camp must be handled through the Savonlinna Summer University. NOTICE! This also applies to the accommodation for parents. Parents that accompany their children to the Music camp should pay their accommodation, lunches and dinners or full board straight to the Savonlinna Christian Institute on arrival. We will give instructions to the Institute and a list of accommodation payments to be collected from parents.

The invoices for the students’ course fees and full board will be sent after the end of the registration period and must be payed before June 16th 2019. Only those that have payed the fees have a right to participate in the Music camp.

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel registration without a cancellation fee before May 24th 2020. If the cancellation is made after that we will charge the course fee in full. In the case of a medical reason the cancellation fee is 80€ if you have a doctor’s statement that the illness prevents you from participating in the camp. Under public law the course fees can be recovered without any separate actions.

NOTE! In the event of a prolonged state of emergency due to coronavirus, cancellation of enrollment is also possible after the stated enrollment period. If the state of emergency continues until the beginning of the training, no training will be provided. Applicants will be informed about the completion of the training.